Road Trip to the Great Smoky Mountains

I used to blog, and then I stopped.

Today, I decided to start fresh. I wasn’t sure where to begin, so being it’s the start of fall, let’s talk about what I did on my summer vacation.

We try to go somewhere different every year. A new place to explore, a new adventure, new mayhem to make.

Inside the Pink Cadillac Diner in Natural Bridge, Virginia

Inside the Pink Cadillac Diner in Natural Bridge, Virginia

So this year we packed the Flex and hit the road to the south to the Great Smoky Mountains. We drove from Pennsylvania, stopped in Maryland to pick up our eldest daughter, traveled through a part of West Virginia, passed by the inspiring Blue Ridge Mountains, stopped for lunch at the awesome Pink Cadillac Diner in Natural Bridge Virginia, and continued all the way to beautiful Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Our cabin was located just outside of town, up a mountain and a very steep driveway.

The diner was a cool spot to stop, right out the 1950s complete with Elvis statues, neon signs and a pink Cadillac parked out front. Not to mention, the food is terrific. The Elvis burger is mighty tasty,.

The road trip took a good 12 hours with all the stops, but the scenery and the chance to travel through so many of our great states made the journey all the more worthy. I so much prefer to drive across the country compared to flying. There’s so much to see and so many interesting people to meet.

The video below shows more of the road trip. I’ll have more to share soon!